Awards 2010 - Accessory


Kata Bag Bumblebee 220PL/222UL

Awards 2010 - Kata Bag Bumblebee 220PL/222UL

Kata has a long history of producing bags that combine complete carrying solutions with cutting-edge design. This history has served the brand well in the production of two of its latest backpacks. So well in fact, that the pair are our chosen accessories of the year. The 220PL and 222UL ‘Bumblebees' combine in offering the perfect backpack solution, with the 220PL catering for the more professional photographer, and the 222UL for those with slightly less gear. Both backpacks will carry a wide spectrum of camera gear, accessories, laptops and the like, in cutting-edge and ultra-protective material. The specification and orientation is such that there really isn't enough space here to go into details, so take our word for it and head down to your local camera store for a first-hand inspection.

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