Xmas Gift Guide – Christmas Gifts for Women

With Christmas looming large here's our selection of the best Christmas gifts for women...

Xmas gifts for women

Xmas Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts for Women

With Christmas looming large here's our selection of the best Christmas gifts for women...

For ladies who lunch...

Canon IXUS 125


Hailing from Canon's style-driven IXUS range the IXUS 125 HS is a classy little compact that benefits from all-metal construction and a generous range of colour options including silver, red, turquoise, lime green and pink. Better still, the IXUS 125 HS is super easy to use and plenty small enough to slip inside a handbag or coat pocket, making it the perfect camera to keep with you for those candid moments and snapshots of friends.


For the woman with her finger on the pulse...

Olympus E-PL5


The E-PL5 is from Olympus' super stylish PEN range of compact system cameras. Using the same 16.1MP sensor that's employed by the highly regarded Olympus OM-D E-M5, the E-PL5 has much more to offer than just retro good looks though. The rear 3in, 460k-dot monitor offers touch-screen functionality that allows you to set a point of focus simply by tapping the corresponding area on the screen. Add to this lightening fast autofocus and a host of advanced shooting features and it all adds up to a rock solid camera.


For the woman who wants to get creative...

Lumix GF5


With their larger sensors and compact proportions, it's little wonder that compact system cameras (CSCs) have become the fastest growing segment within the digital camera market. The 12.1MP GF5 is a fantastic example of what's possible within the genre, combining ease of use with a good degree of creative clout to great effect. In addition to touch-screen control you also get built-in digital filter effects and 1080p Full HD movie recording. If you're looking for a camera that's both fun and easy to use and which is capable of delivering excellent image quality as well as some fun creative effects then the GF5 is well worth a closer look.


For the young woman about town...

Fuji Z900 EXR


If you're looking for a small, discreet camera that looks great, is easy to use and takes a good picture then the Fujifilm Z900 EXR could be just the ticket. Sleek and stylish, it even comes in a generous range of colours including silver, black, red, pink, blue and grey. On the front you'll find a sliding front cover that not only switches the camera off and on, but also protects the lens should the camera be left loose inside a bag. As well as shooting 16MP still images the Z900 EXR can also record 1080p Full HD movies.


For the woman who doesn't want to miss a shot...

Nikon J1


If timing is of the essence then the Nikon J1 will help to keep you in control. That's because its features some clever technology that allows it to start taking pictures before you fully depress the shutter button. Indeed, the big selling point of the Nikon J1 is that it comes with a number of specialist shooting modes designed to ensure that you never miss a moment. One of these is called the Best Shot Selector mode, which automatically takes multiple exposures before asking you which one you want to keep. Better still, since the launch of the newer Nikon J2, the J1's price has fallen by around £200 since it was fist launched a year ago.


For the woman who likes to be well connected...

Samsung WB150F


In this ever-connected wireless world it was only ever a matter of time before cameras gained the ability to send image files over the internet without the need for any physical cables. The WB150F is one such model and comes with a 14.2MP backside illuminated sensor and an 18x optical zoom (24-432mm). Better still, the camera's built-in Wi-Fi allows you to send your images over a wireless network, either straight to your home PC, or to your favourite social networking site such as Facebook or Flickr, or even to a cloud storage service such as Microsoft's Skydrive.


For the aspiring DSLR enthusiast...

Canon EOS 650D

£600 with 18-55mm kit lens

The 650D takes Canon's popular triple-digit series into new territory with the addition of touch-screen controls - the very first DSLR to do so. Elsewhere the 650D employs an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and Canon's latest generation of DIGIC 5 image processor to deliver a sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600, a maximum burst rate of 5fps, and 1080p Full HD movie recording. If you're looking for an easy to use, but well featured DSLR that you can grow your skills with and which gives access to Canon's extensive lens system then the 650D fits the bill perfectly.


For the woman who likes to travel...

Canon SX500 IS


Superzooms are essentially compacts with big, powerful zoom lenses on the front and while they are immensely flexible, their physical size can sometimes be a bit impractical too. Step forward the all-new Canon SX500 IS - the world's smallest superzoom. The SX500 comes equipped with a 16MP CCD sensor and a 30x optical zoom offers the 35mm focal range equivalent of 24-720mm - wide enough to capture expansive scenes and yet powerful enough to fill the frame with faraway objects. While the SX500 IS isn't quite small enough to slip inside a pocket, it is nonetheless small enough to sit in the palm of your hand and to store away inside a day back with ease.