Cameraphone of the Year

nokia lumia 1020

2013 Cameraphone of the Year

Nokia Lumia 1020: £579

It's been a huge year for innovation in the smartphone industry, and Nokia has stolen much of the limelight in the latter part with the release of the Lumia 1020.

To accommodate 41 million pixels, Nokia opted not to make the pixels smaller but to make the sensor bigger and its whopping 1/1.5in chip results in superior light-gathering power, ensures better detail and lower noise, particularly in low light.

As a camera it succeeds in two key areas - producing the best image quality of any phone camera, along with the ability to zoom without image quality disintegrating. It scored well in other areas too, being comfortable to hold, offering an excellent screen, and operating the Windows interface  that's easily customisable, and very intuitive to navigate around. Hats off to Nokia!


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