Canon EOS 60D vs Nikon D7000: Verdict

Canon EOS 60D vs Nikon D7000: The Verdict

It's a tough call as these are two cameras aimed at different contingents of the market. The 60D firmly targets itself at the more ‘consumer' sector and its vari-angle LCD is certainly one major selling point. The D7000, on the other hand, is knocking on pro-territory's door - it's better built, has the more complex AF system but, and this will be of considerable impact, does costs some 30% more than the Canon. In many respects the D7000 is more closely matched to the Canon 7D model that may otherwise see a much tighter-run head to head.

Although images straight from the Canon 60D are better metered and generally more punchy, it's really the Nikon D7000 that's the better-specified and better performer in almost more areas. If high ISO image quality is of considerable importance to your shooting then the D7000 takes the biscuit here too. Unless the 60D's vari-angle screen and better-specced video mode are truly essential elements for your work then the Nikon D7000 is otherwise hard to beat and, for this test, comes out on top.

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