With Christmas looming large here's our selection of the best Christmas gifts for men...

Xmas Gift Guide – Christmas Gifts for Men

With Christmas looming large here’s our selection of the best Christmas gifts for men…

For the compact
camera enthusiast…

Lumix LX7


While the bigger APS-C sensors inside DSLRs offer the
ultimate in image quality, it isn’t always practical to carry a DSLR (and a bag
of lenses) around. Advanced compacts aim to solve this dilemma by providing a
compact-sized camera with a larger than average sensor, full manual control
over shooting settings and the ability to shoot in Raw. The Lumix LX7 combines
a 10.1MP 1/1.7in sensor with a fast 24-90mm f/1.4-2.9 zoom lens to produce
great image quality. In addition it also offers a host of advanced features
including on-the-fly control over aspect ratio, 1080p Full HD video recording
and a built-in Neutral Density filter.

For the frequent

Lumix TZ30


Travel compacts have become an increasingly popular choice
in recent years. That’s primarily down to their ability to pack a powerful
optical zoom (usually around 20x) into a camera body that’s small enough to
slip inside a coat pocket or daysack. The Lumix TZ30 comes with a 14.1MP
sensor, a 20x optical zoom that offers the 35mm focal range equivalent of
24-480mm and the ability to record Full HD movies with stereo sound. If you’re
off on your travels then the TZ30 would make an ideal compact companion.

For the stylish
man about town…

Canon IXUS 500 HS


Canon’s IXUS range has always been the style-driven
alternative to its more practically minded PowerShot range. The IXUS 500 HS
benefits from all-metal outer construction while it’s sharp edges and angular

lend it a classy feel in the hand. Internally, the 500 HS is no slouch
either with a 10.1MP backlit CMOS sensor combining with Canon’s latest DIGIC 5
processor to produce good image quality. On the front you’ll find a 12x optical
zoom that offers the 35mm focal range equivalent of 28-336mm.

For the aspiring
DSLR enthusiast…

Nikon D5200

£820 with 18-55mm kit lens 

2012 has been a busy year for Nikon with the launch of new
DSLRs at all price points – from the entry-level D3200 to the flagship D4. The
D5200 sits in the middle of the range and comes with a 24.2MP backlit CMOS
sensor, a sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600, 1080p Full HD video recording
and a vari-angle 3in, 921k-dot rear LCD. Thanks to its built-in Guide Mode it’s
a great camera to learn the ropes with, while enthusiasts will also find a
number of advanced features that can be used to keep the learning curve going
once the basics have been mastered.

For the sports and
action shooter…

Sony SLT-A57

£540 with 18-55mm kit zoom

The A57 hails from Sony’s SLT (Single Lens Translucent)
range. While SLT cameras use the same APS-C sensors and look and feel very much
like regular DSLRs they differ in that the internal mirror remains fixed in
place, rather than swinging open to expose the sensor every time you press the
shutter button. The big benefit of this approach
is that SLT cameras can generally
shoot much faster than their DSLR cousins; the A57, for example can hit 12fps -
making it the fastest camera in its price bracket. Perfect if you’re looking for
something to capture fast-moving action with.

For the outdoors

Olympus TG-1


If you’re looking for a camera that can stand up to an
active outdoors lifestyle and live to tell the tale then the Olympus Tough TG-1
is just about the best on the market. Waterpro

of to a depth of 12m, shockproof
to drops of 2m, crushproof to 100kg and freezeproof to -10C the TG-1 more than
lives up to its billing as a Tough compact. Not only that but it takes a more than
decent image too – with a usefully quick f/2 lens helping you to capture
fast-moving action usingh higher shutter speeds than would otherwise be the case. If you’re looking for a camera to take snorkelling or on the piste then the Olympus TG-1 is one of the best examples around.

For the retro
design fan…

Fuji X10


The X10 is a super stylish advanced compact that
effortlessly combines retro rangefinder design with cutting edge technology to
produce one of the best cameras of its type. Traditionalists will love the manually
operated zoom and full manual control, while enthusiasts will appreciate the
ability to shoot in Raw. Even novice photographers are well catered for with the
X10’s unique range of EXR shooting modes that take advantage of the X10’s unique sensor design to ensure you get the
best results possible when faced with tricky lighting conditions.

For the landscape

Manfrotto 190X PROB tripod


If you’re planning on shooting landscapes then a sturdy,
reliable tripod is a must. The Manfrotto 190X PROB has been around for years
and is rightly considered something of a design classic. Constructed from aluminium,
the 190X PROB comes with three leg sections and an innovative centre column
design that can be reversed to facilitate shooting heights of as low as 8cm -
or as high as 146cm. Pair it up with the Manfrotto 804RC2 pan and tilt head
(£45) for a tripod that’ll serve you well and last a lifetime.

For the mobile DSLR shooter…

Lowepro Pro Messenger 160 AW


If you prefer to carry a DSLR aaround with you then you’ll need a durable and secure bag to keep it all safe with. The Lowepro Pro Messenger 160 AW is the smallest model within a trio of shoulder bags but is still big enough to easily transport a mid-range DSLR along with a spare zoom lens and a flashgun. The bag is constructed from a custom-milled performance fabric and celeverly designed to allow quick and easy access to your kit, while keeping unwanted hands out of your bag. To protect against the elements the bag even has an all-weather cover that stretches around it to keep rain out.

For the man without enough memory

Western Digital My Book Live 2TB


While digital cameras allow you to take an almost unlimited number of pictures without having to shell out on costly 35mm film, the increase in sensor resolution ver the yearshas led to ever bigger files, which in turn puts pressure on even the biggest of computer hard drives. This is where portable hard drive solutions, such as that offered by the Western Digital My Book Live 2TB come in handy. Not only will the drive keep your files safely backed up, but thanks to its built-in NAS (Network Attached Storage) technology, the drive can be hooked up to wi-fi router, enabling you to access it (via a secure password) from anywhere you can connect to a Wi-Fi signal. In other words, it’s a bit like having your own personal ‘cloud’ storage – albeit without the annual subscription fees.

  • Tina Edwards

    Just wondering if you could elaborate on what makes, for example, the Lumix L7 particularly ‘masculine’ and what makes the Olympus E-PL5 more ‘feminine’ etc.?