The best mid-range DSLRs of 2014: our pick of the best mid-range DSLRs on the market today

While you might be tempted by an entry-level DSLR if you’re making the step up from a compact, if you can afford a bit more then a mid-range DSLR might be better for you.

Not only do they offer better build quality, and thus more longevity for your cash, but you’ll also get more for your money in terms of specification.

The mid-range DSLR market is a competitive one however, and thus picking the right model for you is a difficult decision.

We’ve narrowed down the options with a list of some of the best mid-range DSLRs currently on the market.

Sony Alpha A77 Mark II

Sony A77 Mark II

Sony A77 Mark II

Street price: £930 body-only

While it might be right up towards the top end of mid-range DSLR scale, you’re certainly getting an awful lot of camera with Sony’s answer to the APS-C heavyweights from Canon and Nikon.

The extensive feature-set includes Wi-fi connectivity, an impressive 12fps continuous shooting speed and a 79-point hybrid AF set-up which delivering some of the best AF on the market.

The high price also ensures you get a few more pro-level features, including weather sealing and a high resolution EVF. Overall, if you’re looking to spend a bit more on your mid-range DSLR it’s well worth considering the A77 Mark II.

Best Mid-range DSLR for: Pro-level features

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Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i Canon EOS 700D

Street price: £580 w/18-55mm kit lens

The Canon EOS 700D, or the Rebel T5i as it’s known in some territories, is the latest model in a long line of impressive mid-range DSLRs from Canon’s triple-digit range.

The model features a substantial 18MP APS-C sensor which provides some impressive image quality, while it also inherits the same DIGIC 5+ image processor that’s found on model much further up the Canon DSLR tree.

As you’d expect for a mid-range model, the 700D caters for both beginners and advanced shooters with creative filters and auto shooting modes, along with full manual shooting capabilities.

All in all the Canon EOS 700D is an impressive all-round mid-range DSLR.

Best Mid-range DSLR for: All round performance

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Nikon D5300 Nikon D5300

Street price: £660 w/18-55mm kit lens

The Nikon D5300 follows hot on the heels of the impressive Nikon D5200, and does so with the introduction of a few eye-catching new features.

The most welcome of these is no doubt the introduction of Wi-fi connectivity as standard.

This Wi-fi connectivity used to necessitate the use of an optional Wi-fi adapter, although now it’s possible to transfer images and operate the camera remotely out of the box.

The model retains the impressive 24.3MP sensor which not only offers an impressive resolution, but also solid and reliable image quality.

Best Mid-range DSLR for: High-resolution shooting

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Sony Alpha A65

Street price: £580 w/18-55mm lens

Despite being nearly three years old the Sony A65 remains a very well specified camera – especially given how it’s now available a lot cheaper than it’s initial launch price of nearly £800.

Built around a 24.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor the A65 features Sony’s Smart Teleconverter technology that allows it to be used at 1.3x (12MP) or 2x (6MP) focal lengths.

Like other Sony SLT cameras the A65 is not a DSLR strictly speaking thanks to its fixed semi-transparent mirror design and lack of optical viewfinder. However, thanks to its 2.36m-dot electronic viewfinder the A65 remains a fantastic camera to operate. Furthermore, the SLT design enables the A65 to shoot at a super speedy 10fps – the highest in its class.


Best Mid-range DSLR for: Fast continuous shooting

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Pentax K-50

Street price: £450 w/ 18-55mm lens

Despite being available for a price more akin to an entry-level DSLR, the specification of the Pentax K-50 is certainly more akin to a mid-range DSLR on closer inspection.

For example, the camera features full weather sealing meaning you’ll be able to use it in difficult conditions without worrying about breaking it.

The model also features an impressive sensor that delivers some fantastic image quality, while a good LCD screen is another welcome feature.

Best Mid-range DSLR for: Weather sealing at a price to can afford

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