A versatile third-party flashgun that works a treat for photographers who want a lot of power....

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Overall score:88%


  • USB socket / firmware upgrade possibilities


  • Unintuitive digital interface


Metz 58 AF-1

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Ensuring that any flash unit is fully compatible with the latest DSLR TTL control systems has always been problematic. To overcome this the new Metz 58 AF-1 incorporates a USB socket that will potentially enable photographers to simply download and upgrade the flash’s firmware should you upgrade to a DSLR using a different TTL system in the future.

For the time being, the Metz 58 AF-1 is compatible with the current TTL systems for Nikon and Canon (with a Pentax / Samsung version imminent) and the flash itself already has a lot to brag about. A guide number of 58 (58m@ISO100) means there’s an abundance of power, with the tilt and swivel head offering plenty of creative lighting opportunities and a fixed secondary flash proving useful for fill-in purposes. Covering focal lengths from 18-105mm, the 58 AF-1 can be set from full to 1/256 power in precise 1/3 stop increments, though it’s fair to say that navigating the flash takes a bit of getting used to due to an unintuitive digital interface.


The Metz is a versatile third-party flashgun that works a treat for photographers who want a lot of power. Time will tell how useful the USB socket and firmware upgrades are, but this could well be the only flash you ever need to buy.


Power:4 x AA Metz Power Pack P76 (optional)
Zoom Head:18-105mm (auto / manual)
Tilt / Swivel:Tilt (-7° to 90°), Swivel Yes (270°)
Compatibility:Canon (E-TTL / E-TTL II) Nikon (i-TTL / D-TTL)
Guide Number:58m@ISO100 (max zoom) 42m@ISO100 (50mm lens)