We take a closer look at the highest resolution full-frame DSLR to date in our Canon EOS 5DS R review

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Canon EOS 5DS R

Image Quality:95%


  • Super-high resolution; Robust, weather-sealed body; Excellent autofocus


  • Relatively limited ISO range; Enormous, difficult to handle raw files; Fixed LCD screen


Canon EOS 5DS R Review


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Canon EOS 5DS R Review – Design and Performance

Robustly constructed with a magnesium alloy shell, the 5DS R is dust- and weather-proofed for outdoor work. With loads of buttons and dials intelligently arranged across the camera’s body, every key control is at your fingertips.

Canon EOS 5DS R product shot 10

The 5DS R’s fixed LCD might not prove suited to everyone’s taste

The viewfinder is large and clear, and an LCD overlay gives lots of useful information. This makes the 5DS R great to shoot with when using the optical viewfinder. It works well in live view too, although I’d have liked an articulated screen for additional flexibility.

Canon EOS 5DS R product shot 11

AF performance is solid in a range of conditions

Autofocus uses the same 61-area sensor as the 5D Mark III, but can now work in concert with the colour-sensitive 150,000-pixel metering sensor to detect faces and focus specifically on your subjects’ eyes. In practical use the AF system works exceptionally well, even when shooting with fast primes and off-centre subjects.

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  • tom rose

    This “review” could have been written without seeing or handling the camera. What value does it add to Canon’s own spec sheets?

    And please stop repeating that nonsense about ISO 6400 or 12,800 being “a bit limited these days”. For most of us a maximum usable speed of 6400 ASA is overkill. 6400 ASA is fast, fast, fast. 100 ASA needs 64 (SIXTY_FOUR !!) times more light than 6400 ASA.

  • Peter Mylchreest

    Just read the review in the magazine and I’m confused by the lines of resolution being in the 20’s? What’s going on here? An error, or am I reading the resolution images incorrectly? BTW the Noise comparison images are VERY encouraging.