Carl Zeiss release a quartet of lenses with fast apertures, including a 70-200mm option

Carl Zeiss has released four new lenses, with three prime lenses and a 70-200mm zoom lens on offer. The quartet had impressively fast apertures, ranging from f/1.5 for the 20mm, 50mm and 85mm to f/2.9 for the 70-200mm.

Each comes with the usual high level of optics and build quality, and come with a host of interchangeable mounts covering the likes of Canon, Nikon and Micro Four Thirds. As the lenses are intended for usage with digital video cameras as well as DSLRs an option for the Arriflex PL mount is also available. 

Both the prime and zoom lens are part of the Compact range, meaning each is smaller and lighter than previous incarnations. Each lens also features the Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating.

The Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 will be available in the latter half of this year, priced at around £12,300 (€14,900), with the Compact Prime CP.2 35/T1.5 Super Speed at around £3,500 (€3,700), Compact Prime CP.2 50/T1.5 Super Speed and Compact Prime CP.2 85/T1.5 Super Speed at £2,800 (€3,300). All three prime lenses should be available in August. For more info head to the Zeiss website.

  • Daiana

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