Instagram Version 3.0.0 has been released. Find out the new features you can expect it to offer below

Originally setup by two entrepreneurs and acquired by social media giant Facebook four months ago, the Instagram app has seen another update in the form of Version 3.0.0.

Claimed to be used by over 80 million users worldwide, Version 3.0.0 brings with it several new additions that are designed to make it easier to view images and find them on an intuitive map. As well as these advantages the profile and upload screens have both been redesigned and it’s now possible to flag inappropriate comments left by other Instagram users.

Loading the new version, the new Photo Map feature is available from the profile tab and you’ll be prompted to add to the new photomap when sharing images. Images are shown as a thumbnail on the map and the number of images taken at each location is displayed at the top right.

To download the new version of Instagram simply search for it from within the iTunes store or alternatively click here to download Instagram 3.0 for Apple or click here for Android.

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    Because @thargor2k Because you have to also consider the depth of field and the frzeee frame effect. Say you want to get a picture of a water droplet falling off a leaf, but have everything else be blurry. In Aperture priority, you could get the desired depth of field, but lack the ability to frzeee the water droplet and so you’d have motion blur as it fell. In Shutter speed priority, the opposite would be true. Manual Mode allows you to control for the combination of desired effects.

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