New full-frame semi-pro DSLR from Sony - the Alpha a850

The Sony a850 is a new full-frame DSLR from Sony, with a mightily similar set of specs to the current Sony a900 model. In fact, it’s identical bar three main points: the a850 offers 98% viewfinder coverage compared to the a900’s 100%, 3 frames per second continuous shooting instead of the a900’s 5fps and also lacks the remote commander from the body (though this can be purchased as an additional accessory).

Otherwise it’s a900 business as usual, in the form of the a850. That means the same 24.6 megapixel full-frame sensor, large 3in 921,000 dot screen, 9-point auto focus system and sensitivity to ISO 6400. Sony’s Steady Shot INSIDE features, ensuring that all lenses new or old will benefit from up to 4 stops of image stabilisation. 

With such a close spec to the a900 it’s any wonder what can come next from camp Sony and, with the notable lack of any movie functionality as yet, it begs the question…

Due to hit the shops in October, there’s currently no news on price, but we’ll bring you information as and when we know. For the time being, check out our full-sized image gallery of the Alpha a850, which was released alongside the a500 and a550. 


Sony A850 video preview from What Digital Camera

  • Palizzi

    I got back seriously into phthrgoapoy, in the last few years, due to a friend lending me his 68 year old clockwork Leica IIIc, never had so much fun and concentration, loads of chums poring over black and white prints, and some of the best pix I have ever taken.OK so in its day it was fabulously expensive, and still today is more than a dig compact, but point taken; it is the enthusiasm and creativity that makes the pictures many folk do quite well with a Lomo fer Gawd s sake!

  • DJ

    Allan – the a850 does NOT have the Exmor R sensor technology. Its sensor is identical to the a900.

  • Aussie Allan

    Every ones missing one key bit of imformation…….The A850 has one of the biggest breakthroughs in sensor technology the “Exmor-R sensor…….Looks like Canon got sucker Punched buying Sony sensors…..a true break through in low light Photography.

  • Peter de Solla

    One wonders who will buy the A850 at its launch price of £1899.00
    For 99pence more you could buy the A900 with a grip and additional battery. Alternatively one could just buy the A900 for £1650. I thought Sony were introducing a cheaper version of the A900. The price of the A850 needs to be well under the street price of the A900.
    Looks like the A850 is a loser – until its street price is around £1450. Sony marketing – you’ve shot yourself in the foot!!!!

  • Mike Lowe

    SonyStyle US has the body only price at $1,999.99, though price-wise it’s still tight-lipped in the UK. The only somewhat washy confirmation I have was overhearing a “sub £2000” body price at a recent Sony event. If I were to speculate I’d wager that Sony will position this camera a few hundred above something like Nikon’s D300s to try and tempt people to full-frame. Though, with current UK pricing, I wouldn’t be surprised if that dollar sign changes to a pound sign and none of the figures change…