15x optical zoom amongst features

Samsung has announced two new models in it’s high zoom WB-series compacts in the shape of the WB600 and WB650.

The pair of new models both sport a 12.2MP sensor and offer a Schneider 15x optical zoom with a 24mm wide angle, with the focal range providing a world-beating offering in such a compact body. The pair also offer dual image stabilisation through both optical and digital means.

While the models sport the same sized screen, both measuring in at three inches, the WB650 has is of the AMOLED variety, compared to the TFT LCD version on the WB600.

The WB650 also offers GPS technology built-in, allowing photographers to geo-tag images on the go and in turn locate where they were shot thanks to a visual map interface.

Both the WB600 and WB650 will be available in March, priced £249.99 and £299.99 respectively.

For more information, visit the Samsung Camera website.


  • Marilyn Teal

    I really like this camera, problem is I cannot get the GPS downloaded onto the camera. I have it in zipped files on my computer, they are adm. files, my computer will not open them, I went onto the internet to get them opened and each time, twice, after downloading both sites wanted a payment before proceeding. I emailed samsung from their site, but they haven’t replied after 2 weeks. I feel frustrated not getting full use from this good camera.

  • steve nick

    wb600 is class! cant praise it enough. I got it to replace lugging around my canon 50d and various bits of kit. Im amazed by how much this little camera can do and find myself taking it out more and more often and leaving the dslr at home. It has full manual controls and a cracking zoom. Obviously the quality is not as as good as a dslr but i defy any amateur to notice the difference at a glance, i got mine from argos for 114 quid and its probably the best money i have ever spent! Go buy it you wont be dissapointed

  • andy

    argos sell wb600 at £130

  • briffster

    I am considering the WB600, does anyone have opinion of this camera?

  • Michael Photis

    With regards to my previous e-mail.Try getting the green light outside in the open,and if nothing happens go to Geotagging and select GPS reset.

    NB.Samsung needs to give WB650 owners a downloadable detailed manual for the GPS.

  • Michael Photis

    For those having trouble downloading and installing “Mapview Download”,this should help.
    Samsung WB 650 Map Download

    Before you start, go into Shooting Mode /Menu/Geotaging/GPs Valid Time
    And set it to 60min then switch off your camera.

    1. Go to samsungimaging.com and click on WB650 Map Download
    2. Up will come a window. Fill in the form entering your s/n
    but don’t forget to click the window marked compatibility
    (crazy 1, it should be renamed validate s/n number) fill in the rest
    and click submit.
    3.Once through you’ll get a video showing you how to fill in the form
    that you just did(crazy2).
    4. Ignore the Guide (crazy 3=confusing)
    5. Click the video and don’t panic at the speed in some parts.(crazy 4)
    6. Download the Mapview (to a folder of your choice) zipped files (117 Mb)
    7. Download the City zipped files to the same folder. (54.9 Mb)
    8. Download the Country zipped files of your choice. Careful. (crazy 5) America times out over 500Mb.
    9. Unzip all 3 Downloads to the same folder.
    10. Put your SDHC/SD in your computers card reader and click on explore but
    don’t click on the folder DCIM inside the card. Have the SDHC/SD card window open on the left side and the unzipped folders window on the right side.
    11. Drag or copy and paste the unzipped Mapview Folder to the SDHC/SD card underneath the folder that’s on the card (not inside DCMI folder). Do the same to the City folder, putting it under the Mapview Folder
    12. Open up the Mapview Folder so that you see the Map folder and open that folder.
    Inside you’ll see a series of files.
    13. Go over to the unzipped Country Folder ( of your choice) and open it up.
    14. Drag or copy and paste the file(s) inside to the bottom of the Map Folder.
    15. Close the Map Folder and safely remove your SDHC/SD card from your computer.
    16. Place it back in your WB650.

    Make sure the GPS is switched on and the sign is green. (when switch on for the first time say in the morning, it will take about 5-10 minutes to turn green depending on where you are. After that, it should turn green after 5-10 seconds). Take a shot(s), wait until you see it then turn the Mode Dial to the Mapview/GPS position. Here it will say “Map Loading ”. Wait until it’s loaded. Click on DIS to make sure you can see the GPS sign is still green(although it doesn’t matter now). On the screen should be the area you are in. Next click Fn and a bouncing arrow shows you were your picture was taken on the map.Click the Fn once more and up will come your shot(s) or vise versa. Use the Up and Down on the wheel to highlight the shot you took (if there are more than one) and it will be displayed on the map as a camera sign.
    Please note, the bouncing arrow only appears in your area when the GPS sign is green and you have taken a picture. You can move around the map when it’s not by first zooming out enough to get your bearings and then zoom in enough that you don’t lose the roads otherwise, the map becomes vague. Past GPS shots are shown on the map as a camera.( read owners manual)
    You can view these shots with the GPS not being green but you cannot move around the map. If you try, it will just alternate between the GPS tagged pictures you took.
    There’s more, but this will get you over the main hurdles.

  • Michael Photis

    I have had a Samsung WB650 for a week now and am pleased with it.After much research between the Sony Hx5v/Panasonic TZ10
    and the Samsung WB650( but there’s little on the web for the WB650) ,I went for greater contol range in PASM,plenty of adjustments over my shots ,zoom range and GPs with the downloadable maps option(no easy task)and cost.The manual controls on the WB650 do have more options for apature contol than the other two compacts,although Sonys Sweep Panorama is great and Handheld Night shots are very good, but oh that wiped out detail and no option to adjust but up. Plus the stills are far too soft and mushy which means Going through them on the computer.
    The Panasonic TZ10 isn’t as good as the TZ7 ( which I nearly bought) but it’s GPS adds place and historic sites. It’s manual controls are better than sonys and GPS with site names very handy.Mums and Dads will love it Plus, allowing the owner to have it switched on
    when the camera is off.(Although, I find if I switch the WB650 on say at
    breakfast and get a
    reading, when I switch it off and go to work, and I switch it on again it takes between 10-15 sec.to lock on).The 3 aspec shot is a handy idea but the smodging of stills is very similar to the Sony. The WB650 has more noise but none of these wiped out areas. on the Panasonic it can be adjusted but with it comes more noise.So, it’s a no win situation. For videos to run well in HD they all need a fast cards.Finally yesterday,I fired off a shot with my Nikon DSLR
    and the WB650,of the same scene and distance
    Then on the WB650 I adjusted the colour and sharpening to match the Nikon…And what a change it made!Also, this new adjustment is applied to most of the other modes except Smart Scene.

  • qaiser hamayun

    i am looking for wb650 camara i want to add review.how can i get this camara