RE-35 USB 35mm camera adapter turns analogue cameras digital

UPDATE: As it turns out the RE-35 was, in fact, an April Fools joke by design company Rogge & Pott. For more information on this head to

The RE-35 adapter turns a standard analogue 35mm camera into a digital device via a sensor within. Thanks to a Flexisensor, which can be pulled out to sit in place of a standard frame of film, images can be captured and saved digitally.

The results can be saved in Raw or JPEG format and saved to the canister, which also holds the sensor, then downloaded via USB. The RE-35 is available in 2,4 and 12MP variations and is both Mac and PC compatible with built-in editing software that runs on connection to a computer.

Although this news will doubtless entice a fair few analogue users the RE-35 is little more than a concept at the moment, with no specs or sample images available as yet. Regardless of this the ability to convert the likes of a Leica M6 or Olympus OM-10 into a digital device will lead a number of photographers to dust off some old kit.

For more info on the RE-35 click here

  • Mark R. Milan

    i remember a similar concept being takled about in the late 90’s and it wasn’t an april fools joke.

  • Meromrmr

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  • Tarry Ionta

    I would certainly buy one – there must be millions of cameras and camera owners just waiting for one. I for one, have never used an SLR since I put my Pentax and accessories, including lenses, in mothballs. I hope someone gets to work on it soon.

  • Rob Ellis

    Yeah the press statement was released on april the 1st, looks like you’ve been fooled 😉
    you’re not alone though, they had to release another statement saying it wasn’t real 😛