Worldu2019s first u2018in developmentu2019

Olympus has utilised the stage of this year’s Photokina trade show to announce development of a ‘world first’ new compact camera.

The imaging giant has made public the development of a ‘flagship’ digital camera that will, for the first time, incorporate a lens from the critically acclaimed Olympus ZUIKO lens system.

Although the camera is still in the early stages of development, with the finished product not due on sale until the first quarter of 2011, visitors to this year’s Photokina will have the chance to view a mock-up of the forthcoming camera.

In addition to the integration of ZUIKO optics, the new camera will feature an accessory port compatible with existing accessories from the PEN EP-2 and E-PL1 cameras.

Further information on the compact has yes to be revealed, but stay tuned to for more information as and when we receive it.

  • Wayne

    I was contemplating purchasing the Canon S95 but seeing this model I think I will wait to see what the reviews are like before making my decision.

  • Jose

    Photographers saved photography. Finally the megapixel race is over, and brands are making better money by developing better cameras, better lenses and better capabilities, giving us the better cameras we are just so happy to buy. Panasonic led the way (cloned by Leica), Canon followed (with the G11 and the S90), Samsung backed the trend with the beautiful TL500 and now Olympus is joining. That even Nikon paid attention with the P7000 is indeed great news (although that camera is a bit agricultural in this refined company). And then there’s that retro Fujifilm… We’ll be spoilt for choice in 2011!