Nikon D800 and D4 Nikon prices raised due to u2018local internal systems error' setting initial price too low

Nikon has revised the prices of both the Nikon D4, Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E full frame DSLRs. All three models will receive increased prices due to an ‘local internal systems error’ setting the initial RRP’s too low.

Those who have pre-ordered the cameras prior to the 24th of March will have the original prices honoured, but otherwise the Nikon D4, D800 and D800E will be increased to;

  Previous RRP New RRP
Nikon D4 £4799.99 £5289.99
Nikon D800 £2399.99 £2599.99
Nikon D800E £2689.99 £2899.99

The D4 has the largest alteration, adding almost £500 to the price set at launch. It’s worth bearing in mind that the RRP isn’t necessarily the price that a retail needs to sell the product at, purely one that’s recommended by the manufacturer. This increase will more than likely translate to the retailer, though, with Jessops, Park Cameras and Wex Photographic making an immediate change to adhere to the new price. 

A statement from Nikon blamed a ‘local internal systems error’ for the initial price being set too low, with the new RRP affecting both UK and Irish markets. For more information head to Nikon’s website.

  • Colin

    Not called rip-off Britain for nothing.

    Companies can ask whatever they like and our governments – past and present – allow it. It’s about time the people woke-up and put a stop to it

  • bernardroughton

    Nikon have gone way down in my estimation for this blatant profiteering.. Do they seriously expect us to believe this is a mistake? It certainly is a big mistake on Nikon’s part to try & get away with this..

  • Paul Matthews

    And yet in the united states the d800 can be had for around than £1875, the 800E around £2060 and the D4 for around £3750. Yet again it looks like we are getting ‘screwed over’!

  • John

    What a disgrace and anyway the previous price would have well undercut the Canon and would have resulted in more sales for Nikon

  • realspeed

    I thought price fixing was made illegal some years ago