• babybi

    The D700 was and still is an outstanding DSLR. The D800 is of course better, but in a very perceptible way, which was quite a surprise to me.
    I have done over 5000 shots since my purchase on 24 March. So far, no issues to report: no green cast from the LCD and no problems with the CLS system.
    Nikon has really outperformed with this new DSLR and the clear improvements are:
    – Much improved Dynamic Range, which was my main problem since my first DSLR
    – Better colors straight off the camera: deeper and richer
    – Better AF in low light
    – Highly detailed photographs at full res, 100% magnification and also when down-scaling the photos.
    Let’s not forget a proper and useable HD video feature at broadcasting quality.

    More http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0076AYNXM/tipfla-20

    More Detail : http://camera.babybi.com/detail.php?id_detail=17