New aluminium range to guarantee high performance photos

Manfrotto’s new lightweight ball head family ensures easier use and high quality photos every time. All eight ball heads (except the small 429 head) come with a new friction control allowing safer precision without releasing the camera. Each head comes with a smart repositioning locking lever – securely locking at both +90° and -90° – so handling is easier, and with an additional ratchet handle, the camera has a 360° pan movement.  

Three of the models to be launched – 492, 494 and 496 – build on an existing model with the simple release plate. Two codes – 494RC2 and 496RC4 – will feature the more advanced quick release plate for both compact and small 35mm’s. The further three – 498, 498RC2 and 498RC4 – have a solid aluminium foundation, making them ideal for all small DSLR or medium format cameras.

The new range – varying from 2kg to 8kg – will be available from September and October where prices start from £32.95. For more information visit the Manfrotto website



  • Felix

    Between those two cameras I would go with the Nikon, siplmy because it offers you much more flexibility with lenses and future upgrades if you decide to get a better camera later on. All Nikon lenses you buy now will fit any Nikon camera you buy later and there are far more of each than Olympus has to offer. I also believe that the image quality of both the camera and Nikon lenses will be much better, but that is a more subjective opinion. Now if you were comparing Nikon and Canon there would be more of a debate. I still went with a Nikon myself, but there are far fewer trade offs between the two.References : Personal experience as an amateur photographer, Nikon D700 owner