UK Capital ultra-hi res image taken that can be viewed online

London has now joined the likes of Dubai and Prague by being recorded in a ultra hi-res image. The new 80 Gigiapixel shot can be viewed online and magnified to an impressive degree, picking out detail on the various landmarks around the UK capital.

The image was taken from the Centre Point building, and is comprised of an impressive 7886 individual shots. Photographer Jeffrey Martin took the images over a three day period, creating a new world record beating the 70 Gigapixel panoramic of Budapest.

To see the image, click here

  • George Steele

    There is a problem at the back of Castlewood house (south side of New Oxford Street). There is a gap in the photograph which I discovered when trying to find the office in which I worked in Castlewood House in the 1970s. The new St Giles Court is overlapping Castlewood House.