All in one device performs 3 second scans

The Genesis all-in-one device has been launched today in the UK, and allows printing and 3-second scanning via the Flash Scan technology. Instead of having a traditional scanner the Genesis uses a digital camera sensor to essentially photograph the document or photo.

The image can then be printed direct, without the need for a computer, or transferred to a PC or Mac using wi-fi or a wired connection. The wi-fi can also transfer images to other wireless devices, such as the iPhone or iPad. The Genesis is also an upright device, rather than a more traditional flatbed configuration, making it necessary to clip smaller documents in place. 

There’s also a capacitive touchscreen, much like Apple’s iPhone, and the ability to take a memory card via a built-in card reader or a USB memory device. The Lexmark Genesis is priced at £409.99 RRP, for more information head to

  • purplehaze

    i happen to think Lexmark are ahead of the game, their print quality now tramps over the like of HP, Epson, Canon and the dreaded Kodak {unreliable **** } i believe it has the same print engine as the current range, my prestige Lexmark is a dream to use and produces amazing photo’s. Lexmark have definatly moved forward… Ipad customers will by this printer i feel.

  • W. Holmes

    Poor demonstration.
    There’s info on what it can do but no actual results on what it achieves e.g. picture quality. For £400 it has to be very good for that price.

  • jimmy
  • Jimmy Timmy

    Nice idea, but the HP scanjet 5590 that i’m currently testing for a customer only takes 6 – 7 secs to scan a full colour A4 page to disk.

    I doubt that the 3 or 4 seconds per page saved really justifies spunking over 400 notes on a Lexmark AIO of all things.

  • Bernard Roughton

    Well, we didn’t see it actually working & the presentation was irritating! So the screen is “like the iPod”? They wish!