Leica announced a new Titanium edition of its M9 rangefinder. The new Leica M9 Titanium is limited to 500 units worldwide costing a cool u00a316,700...

The Leica M9 rangefinder-style camera sees a limited edition release announced today. With the original M9 already an expensive luxury, the limited edition Titanium version – of which only 500 units will be made worldwide – will cost a small fortune at a cool €20,000 (that’s £16,700 GBP or $26,100 USD). Although most would have to remortgage the house to be able to pick up one of these beauties – which was designed by a Leica and Volkswagen design team – rumour has it that all five hundred have already been snapped up on pre-order. And there was us thinking that a recession was on. 

  • Wayne

    Ok I suppose if your a footballer “money no object.”

    Slight overkill in the real World!