Take A View winner announced as Antony Spencer

The Take A View Landscape Photographer of the Year competition has been won by Antony Spencer for his stunning shot of Corfe Castle. Antony was awarded the £10,000 prize by famed landscape photography Charlie Waite, who is also a founder of Take A View.

The ‘Landscape on your Doorstep’ award was won by Slawek Staszczuk for his image of the South Downs, ‘Lines in the Landscape’ was won by Chris Howe and the Young photographer by Taliesin Coombes for his shot of a steam train leaving Cardiff station.

All of the winning images can be seen at the National Theatre in London on the 22nd of November, and will be in book form from the 31st of October. For more information head to www.take-a-view.co.uk.

  • JimR

    There are still purists among us who value content & composition as the essence of the art form. There was a time in FILM photography when darkroom creations were disqualified from photography competitions. The arguement then was, “Photography is about the eye of the photographer, not the chemist in the darkroom.”. Digital manipulation has its place, but the purists start with a great photo.

  • T Carter

    The “doctored” question doesn’t really have any relevance to photography as an art form. You could probably make the same comment about the work of Picasso or Dahli – “doesn’t look anything like real life. “Art” photography is about emotional impact not real life. This image is stunning, the operative word here is “image” not picture.
    Timeless and evocative, a worthy winner.

  • J.Retallick

    All pictures are doctored in one form or another R.Ingram.

  • john jones

    A Excellent image with a brill depth of field leading the eye into the photo.

  • R Ingram

    The winning landscape picture of the year appears very fake,doctored to death on the computer, rather than being anything like real life.

  • Christoph

    A superb landscape photograph.

  • Maureen Maher

    Spectacular frosty morning shot, with huge depth of field. Love it!

  • Len Clark

    It is sooo simple and looks to obey all the rules you’re taught and yet mine *never* look that good. What a fabulous, evocative photo. Well done, Matt. Don’t spend it all on equipment!

  • john oakley

    hmm… not even a straight horizon!

    i’m no better but others are!