The new UltimateXX SDHC card offers transfer speeds of up to 60MB/sec

Kingston has announced a new SDHC card which claims to be the fastest currently on the market. The UltimateXX memory card can transfer information at up to 60MB/sec (read) and 35MB/sec (write). In order to get the full transfer speed of the cards a UHS-I compatible device must be used, such as many of this year’s most recent releases. 

The card comes in 8, 16 and 32GB sizes with the current prices being £81, £163 and £327 respectively. For more information head to

  • Karem

    Just received this from BB this week for my T1i. This is my first $$ lens and I did lots of rhsnarceieg before purchasing. I love this lens the clarity, sharpness, contrast and colors are all up a notch over the kit lens. It is faster to focus and the little wider shots are pretty neat and the extra length will be great as a walk around lens. The IS is great -I was worried about camera shake, since this lens was much heavier than the kit lens, but actually it is easier to steady with the extra weight. I am glad I took the plunge on this lens.