Feature length documentary on British Landscape Photography now available

The latest DVD from leading landscape photographer Joe Cornish is now available for purchase.

The DVD, title ‘With Landscape in Mind’, is a feature length documentary covering British Landscape Photography. The title, which premiered recently the UK Green Film Festival, sees Cornish travel across the North of England from the East to the West coast.

With Landscape in Mind documents this journey with a series of stunning images, and features a narrative from Cornish himself with advice as to how best capture these images for yourself.  

Cornish comments; ‘The film is not intended as an instruction manual and I hope that it will appeal to all photographers, whether advanced or completely new to the art. My commentary ranges over many aspects of photography, especially visual and philosophical ideas, and aspects of composition.’

For more information, including information on how to purchase the DVD and to view a trailer, visit the With Landscape in Mind website.

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