Compare past to present using mapped photo archive

A new website looking to archive the changes to our landscape using photography and Google maps has launched. History Pin is a service which allows companies and individuals to upload images and stories to show how we once lived.

The service is in partnership with Google, and is expected to grow with increased user interaction. From people with a small collection of old images to institutions offering thousands of photos in archives, each can be uploaded along with a location-specific tag and lined up using Street View to show exactly where the image was taken. The uploader can then add a story to accompany the photo, which can also be supplemented by other users along with any adjustments to date or location. A large collection of imagery from various image banks is already present, showing such iconic photos as the Times Square Kiss taken at VJ day in New York. 

For more information, and to check out the service, head to

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  • Val Hebden

    I think this will be a tremendous resource for schools in order to bring history “alive,” especially with added stories. Wow!

  • Andrew Denny

    Occurs to me that we are trying to document the entire history in the present. Soon we will run out of bits – and places to put them – in the here-and-now!