Hasselblad announces partnership with Sony in a bid to expand and develop its product portfolio

Hasselblad has announced a long-term partnership with Sony that will see the high-end medium format camera manufacturer diversify into new areas of the photographic market for the first time.

Hasselblad is keen to expand and develop its product portfolio to include a new range of advanced Compact System Cameras, which will be followed by new products for DSLR and compact camera segments.

Hasselblad and Sony have agreed further on plans for the two organisations to work together in efforts to achieve technical and engineering breakthroughs in various photographic technology challenges.

Details are still a little vague on the new Hasselblad Compact System Camera, but what we do know is that it’ll use the same Sony E-mount lens mount as Sony NEX-series Compact System Cameras, while it’ll also potentially use a similar 24MP APS-C format sensor to the NEX-7.

Speaking of the NEX-7, the new model looks like it’s been based around it from the inital drawings we’ve seen. 

We’ll bring you more news as soon as we have it.

  • Bernard Roughton

    Why do Hasselblad need to ‘customise’ a Sony camera? Why not a Hasselblad??


    This camera sounds as though it’s just the sort my daughter would want to go into her photography, she has just started doining wedding and christening and birthday parties, this camera would be brilliant for her.

  • rose white

    Isn’t it time t ecamera makers reaslised that for many people te days of wanting to cart around abig chunky camera are over?
    It was good back in the 60/70s to have a big glossy SLR around our necks, now we want something in our pocket of bag.
    make the cameras long an dflat and bend in the middle to bring the lens into use and allow long big lens.

  • dick ranez

    Victor would be rolling over in his grave. The new “management” at Hasselblad are right, they do need to expand their base of products – but a rebadged Sony with a “e” mount lens is not the path – despite the fact that some very fine Zeiss offerings may help.
    This one is definitely for someone else!

  • mitch

    looks to similar to the nex 7 and no doubt it will be much more expensive,simply because of the Hassleblad name.