In this video, What Digital Camera's Editor, Nigel Atherton, takes a look at the HLD-6 and HLD-6P battery grip options for the Olympus OM-D E-M5.

If you’re an Olympus OM-D user, you may be aware of the HLD-6 and HLD-6P battery grips that Olympus produce. Designed to enhance the handling and performance of the camera, Nigel Atherton looks at the benefits of splitting the battery grip design into two and explains the reasons why you might want to consider paying the £219 extra.

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  • waiyin Kok

    Agree with Editor’s comments.
    The strap does get in the way. To overcome this , I have the straps both ends hooked on to one side thus leaving the grip completely free . At first a bit getting used to but the straps now do not get in the way when using the grip.