• Roy Phillips

    Why on earth do Canon continue giving us 200,000 pixel EVFs? Don’t they know they are useless, and that there are EVFs with excess of 1,000,000 dots. Surely on a camera with this price, they could stretch to a 1.4m dot EVF and a 921,000 dot LCD screen?

  • Iwan.

    Interesting comment about the eye start sensor. I guess that’s what the grip sensor in the non-EU models was for, to stop the eye start activating ifyou were not holding the camera.

  • Peter Bower

    I think Sony are the brand to watch as they are bent on very high end products that are as good or better than the competition, without being silly with price. Minolta owners should rejoice as they still have design imput on the Sony Alpha cameras.

  • Bob Woodworth

    Makes you wonder why Sony ditched it when you see the reveiws.
    Maybe it was to expensive to produce at the price.
    I had my D90 stolen just before Christmas & decided to go for the discontinued A700 – I’m getting a bit fed up with all the gimicks on newer models.
    Don’t want video/live veiw or a little screen on top crammed with info I can’t read.

  • Simon Taurins

    Just recently purchased from Chas Norman cameras in Tunbridge Wells. Excellent guidance on purchase and really pleased with product. Really easy to use, robust product with top quality feel, great photos, intuitive systems. Chose the 18-200 lens. Upgraded from my 15 year old Canon EOS.