An unidentified Canon DSLR has been spotted in the wilds of Kenya. Could this be the Canon EOS 5D Mk3?


Picture via Stephen Oachs’ Blog

Canon EOS 5D Mk III rumours

A replacement for the awesome Canon EOS 5D Mk II has been subject of some intense speculation over the past few months. The rumours have really intensified over the last few days since an unidentified Canon DSLR has been spotted in the wilds of Kenya that might be a Canon EOS 5D Mk3. Although the body has yet to be positively identified, what’s sure is that it’s different to any current high-end Canon DSLR. Could this be the Canon EOS 5D Mk3?

Photographer Stephen Oachs was in Kenya on a shoot when he bumped in to a Japanese man shooting with a Canon he didn’t recognise – the battery grip seemed to be sporting a joystick, the ‘Q’ button had swapped sides as opposed to where it is on the 7D and a ‘rate’ button seems to have appeared. If you head on over to his blog so you can judge what the camera might be for yourself!

  • Nathan Dodsworth

    A beautiful peace of kit, but completely out of my price range. Since leaving the teaching profession due to a second acquired brain injury, and subsequently forced to retire at the tender age of 48, I can no longer afford such luxuries. However almost 2o tears ago I was trained as a Military Photographer, and this passion for photography has since been rekindled, however trying to keep up with the big boys is now well out of my reach. However if given the opportunity I would grab the new 5D without a moments hesitation. If anyone can Canon can.