Exposure change phenomenon caused by displayed panel on EOS 5D Mark III addressed

An issue with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III‘s top display panel leaking light, therefore causing exposure detection issues, has been acknowleged by Canon. Although the issue is only apparent in extremely dark conditions it does affect the exposure levels, meaning images can be correctly exposed after being checked on the panel.

Although Canon has yet to release a firmware upgrade or any advice on how to circumvent the issue a statment on the Canon US website confirms the company is investigating. For more information head to Canon’s website.

  • Julio

    I was lucky enough to get the first 5D MkIII in the Lehigh Valley. That very first evineng, I ran out and shot numerous late evineng and night shots. Focus was amazing. Noise was really low with either long bulb exposures or at extremely high ISO. I think you will love the clean images and the fantastic focusing for catching BIF. I haven’t played with the multi-exposure setting but did look at the HDR and was surprised how natural the output is.Now, I need Adobe to come up with a better method of downloading the files in RAW. The ACR work around method of converting th DNG to get them into LR is a pain. Hi Buddy, welcome to my blog. Congratulations on the new camera. I’m loving mine although I haven’t been able to use it much or give it a good test run. Ya, the go around is a pain but at least we can view them .denise

  • John Rich

    OOPS!!!!!!! Some one will be hanging upside down out of a high window at the Canon design offices about now.