Blurb Mobile allows users to mix pictures, video, text and sound on their phones to create online u2018storiesu2019

Blurb MobileBlurb, the leading producer of self-publish books, has launched Blurb Mobile, an iPhone app which enables iPhone or iPad users to create self contained stories using images combined with text, audio and video clips.

The basic Blurb Mobile app is free, and allows up to eight images, eight 30sec audio clips and one 10sec video clip to be used in each story. The in-app upgrade costs £1.19 and lets users combine up to 15 images, three videos up to 30secs each, and audio clips up to 2 mins. It also offers a choice of 15 background themes rather than the seven of the free app.

Images can be imported from the gallery or direct from the iPhone’s camera, and basic editing such as cropping and rotating applied. Completed stories can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or by email.

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Blurb Mobile

Blurb Mobile

  • Biadoelly

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  • LBeam

    Very, very cool and easy to use app. Loved the way it allows me to sequence my photos and videos into a story. Could do that all night long (if I wasn’t married). The audio and text captions alone are super useful to me (a semi-pro photographer). What more could I want ? Not much. If they provide a way to see / follow other people’s stories on the phone…I predict this app will take off in the photo / media sharing world.