Bag bargains such as LCD TVs, Cameras, Laptops or even hard cash, and every bid lowers the price.

Bids ‘N’ Bobs is an auction site like no other – prices start low and only ever go down.

Bidders buy bundles of bids from the site (from 25p per bid) and then use them to compete against other bidders for a variety of items on the site. The more bids you buy, the more chances to win.

Products available to include top of the range games consoles and LCD TV’s to laptops, iPods and bundles of cash!

With every bid placed on an item, the price of that item drops by a penny. Also with every bid placed the time increase by 8 seconds to give everyone a better chance of winning! If your bid is the final bid on an item when the auction time reaches zero, then you purchase the product for that final bidding price – simple as that. Therefore, the more people bidding on the item, the cheaper it will become.

What’s more, if the auction price drops into minus figures, the winner gets the item PLUS the minus figure in cash. For example if an auction ends at -£14.23 the winner gets the item PLUS £14.23!

All products sold on the site are brand new and boxed with full manufacturer’s warranty, the price you win at includes VAT and UK delivery is completely free.

As a special promotion, Bids ‘N’ Bobs is offering 10 free bids to anyone who registers at

  • Rojob alikhan

    have you finished the website, cos i8’ve got 50 bids but cannot go into your website since 8 months.

  • suzanne white

    I won a telly on the 12th Dec and have yet to have it delivered. Despite numerous phone calls and emails I have received no communication, I am told that someone will ring but they don’t. The site has been down for over a week for ‘Maintenance’ and they still hold bids that I have bought. Beginning to think it’s a big scam. Any advice?

  • Natalie

    Oh it’s not the first auction website of its type. Price Plummet launched last year and was the first auction website where the price is driven down by every bid. BidsNBobs seems to just be a cross between Price Plummet, and an ordinary standard penny auction website.

    I highly recommend you check out Price Plummet – the price doesn’t just go down by 1p per bid, it goes down by 10p! Plus Price Plummet has several different auction types, each with their own feature buttons which enable you to manipulate the auctions in different ways. It’s far more unique than BidsNBobs and has been around longer.

    If you sign up to Price Plummet you get 4 free bids – well worth having a go.