Our best DSLRs for u00a3700 test looks at five popular camera models. We put each one through a series of challenging conditions to find out how each model performs.

So you’re looking for a new DSLR and you have a budget of £700 to spend. With many models on the market at this price point it can be a tricky decision working out which one to choose. To make it that little bit easier for you we’ve picked out five of the most popular models and put them up against each other in grueling head-to-head test. The cameras we’ve tested are Canon’s 700D, Nikon’s 5200, Sony’s Alpha A65, Pentax’s K-50 and (by way of a wildcard entry seeing as its not strictly a DSLR) Panasonic’s Lumix G6. To find out the camera we were most impressed with read the full review by clicking on the link below.

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  • Michael

    Wouldn’t the Canon 650d been the right choice rather than the 600d?

  • Phil Aaron

    The G5 and A57 aren’t DSLRs are they…?