Updated iMovie and iPhoto offer plenty of new features

The latest incarnation of iLife has been released, offering a new version of GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto. All three offered some interesting updates, including full screen photo editing and trailer creation.

iPhoto ’11 gained a number of improvements, with the ability to email and upload to Facebook from within the program amongst the most significant. Full screen editing, most recently seen in Aperture 3, also makes an appearance to make it far easier to make adjustments at a higher resolution. There are also updates to the Slideshow and Books portion of the program and a new letterpress card creator.

iMovie ’11 has aimed to make things easier and more fun for the video editor with a trailer creator and one-step effects. Slow-motion can be easily attributed to a clip with a single click and has the ability to sync into the attributed music track. Audio editing is also far easier by colour coding segments that exceed acceptable levels in order to be adjusted, or keyframed to fade out when required.

A people detection tool, similar what iPhoto already offers, is now included in iMovie ’11 to sort clips by name. There are also new themes and in-program uploading to the like of Facebook and Vimeo.

iLife ’11 is available now from £45, head to www.apple.com for more information. Check back soon for a full review of the program.

  • Matt Tuffin

    my apologies, the £119 price is for a compilation of products in a Mac Box Set where as the £45 is for the product alone.

  • Adam

    I got it for £45 from Apple shop

  • Steve

    if you head to the UK apple store iLife is available for £45 including VAT. Seems to be a little bit less than the figure you are quoting…