What cameras are used by the ‘Masters of Nature Photography'?

Click to see some incredible images from masters of the craft of nature photography, and find out what gear they used to shoot them

 from The Masters of Nature Photography

Image: ‘Blast-Off' by Paul Nicklen. Taken on a Canon EOS 1D Mk IV with a 16-35mm lens. 1/1250sec at f/5, ISO 400.

A new book from Wildlife Photographer of the Year, in partnership with the Natural History Museum, collects together the world's most respected nature photographers at the absolute top of their game.

A few of the images from the book have been doing the rounds on the web recently, and we decided to have a look at the gear that had been used to capture them. Scroll down to find out the tools of the pros:

Image: ‘Dancing Cranes' by Vincent Munier. Taken on a Nikon D3s with a 600mm lens. 1/5000sec at f/4, ISO 320.

Image: ‘Penguins, Ice and Light' by David Doubilet. Taken on a Nikon D3 with a 14-24mm lens. 1/125sec at f/22, ISO 400. David also used Seacam housing and a YS-250 underwater strobes.

Image: ‘Horse Spirit' by Jim Brandenburg. Taken on a Nikon D3s with a 700mm lens. 1/1250sec at f/9, ISO 1600.

Image: ‘Malui and the Butterflies' by Anup Shah. Taken on a Canon EOS 1D with a 200mm lens. 1.1600sec at f/5.6, ISO 800.

Image: ‘Perfect Trawl' by Christian Ziegler. Taken on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a 70-200mm lens. 1/200sec at f/16, ISO 100.

‘The Masters of Nature Photography', edited by Rosamund Kidman Cox and published by the Natural History Museum, is out now, priced at £30.

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