Try Nikon's Facebook photo-sharing app

Tired of your Flickr? Nikon photo-sharing app ‘My Nikon World’ allows users to create online galleries and accept challenges from pro photographers

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Something you might want to try: Nikon has entered the crowded world of online image-sharing with ‘My Nikon World', a Facebook-based photo-sharing app launched earlier this month that will offer yet another way to promote and share your pictures.

You might be thinking you're socially tapped out with Flickr, 500px, Instagram and whatever else you might have signed up to, but Nikon reckons their offer of regular challenges from professional Nikon photographers might tempt users to defect to their new service.

Users of the service will earn points and badges by accepting these challenges, both from the pros and from Nikon HQ, or by submitting images that fit into the various categories or that employ certain techniques like b&w or HDR.

‘My Nikon World gives photographers a chance to join a like-minded community of photo enthusiasts to be inspired to get out and shoot, while learning exciting new photo techniques through the pro issued challenges,' says Lisa Baxt, Nikon's Associate General Manager of Communications.

You can find the app on Facebook at Nikon's official page now.

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