CES 2013 Preview - Polaroid

Some interesting rumours have been circulating about Polaroid announcing an Android interchangeable lens camera at CES 2013. Very little factual information is known at present, but there are talks of it featuring a design that's similar to the Nikon 1 J2.

There's speculation that Polaroid's interchangable lens camera may look similar to the Nikon 1 J2.

Other rumours speculate that it may feature an 18MP sensor and a 3.5in touchscreen display at the rear. 

If this compact system camera is to be made it raises the question of what lens mount the camera might use? It's unlikely to feature an all-new lens mount, so maybe it'll use the Nikon 1 mount.

As for the model name, there have been rumours that it could be labelled the IM1836.

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