Nikon announces new Nikon 1 compact system camera range with two cameras, lenses and accessories

Nikon reveals the J1 and V1, the world’s fastest cameras, plus lenses and accessories in its new CSC range.

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 Above: The Nikon 1 System UK press conference, Part 1. Below: Part 2


Nikon has today introduced the Nikon 1 - a completely new camera system developed from scratch that boasts a trio of world-leading claims.

The Nikon 1 range launches with two models - the Nikon 1 V1 and the Nikon 1 J1 - and offers the world's fastest autofocus system and continuous shooting speeds, as well as a host of innovative shooting modes and a completely new lens mount.

The new range is so pioneering that Takami Tsuchida, President of Nikon Europe, labels it ‘Nikon's most significant announcement since we introduced our first digital camera 14 years ago'.

The Nikon 1 range features a processor that is, Nikon claims, many times faster than many other interchangeable lens cameras, and as such facilitates ‘pre and post capture technology'. Both the V1 and J1 allow the photographer to start recording images before fully pressing the shutter button, and continue shooting after releasing the shutter button.

This functionality is embodied by the Motion Snapshot (MMS) and Smart Photo Selector (SPS) shooting modes. MSS simultaneously records a slow motion movie and still image as one, then instantly combines the two to create a ‘living picture'.

SPS technology, meanwhile, shoots 20 full-resolution images in the time it takes to capture a normal image. The camera will capture images both before and after the shutter is fully depressed, with your ‘best' five shots saved based on elements such as facial expression, composition and focus.

The Nikon 1 launch heralds the introduction of a new CX-format CMOS sensor which boasts the world's fastest autofocus system, again according to Nikon. The Nikon J1 and V1 feature the ability to switch between a 73-point Phase-Detection AF system and 135-point Contrast Detect AF system depending on subject and shooting conditions.

The CX format sensor is partnered in performing such tasks by the EXPEED 3 image processor. The EXPEED 3 features two powerful engines that can process images at 600 megapixels per second, as well as offering still capture whilst shooting movies.

On first impression the differentiating factor between the Nikon 1 V1 and J1 is centred on the model's viewfinder, or lack thereof. The Nikon 1 V1 features a 1440k-dot EVF offering 100% frame coverage, as well as featuring a multi-accessory port compatible with a wide range of system add-ons, whilst the model is available in either matte black or high-gloss white.

The J1is lacking in these features, although is smaller as a result. The model is available in both high-gloss white and matte black also, although it's also available in either red, silver or hot pink.

Both models will be available with a range of lenses as kits, with both shipping with a new 10-30mm at the entry price point of £829.99 for the V1 and £599.99 for the J1.

We'll have more information throughout the day as it arrives, as well as a first look video exclusively from the launch event. For more information for the time being, including specification, visit the dedicated Nikon page.

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