Sony announces the bloggie

Compact full HD video cameras complete with 5MP stills

Sony PM5 'Bloggie'
Sony PM5 'Bloggie' Sony PM5 Bloggie Sony PM5 Bloggie

Sony has announced the latest in its range of compact Full HD video recorders that also offer dedicated still image capture at a respectable resolution.

The bloggie debuts with two models, the PM5/PM5K and the CM5, both offer 1920x1080 Full HD MP4 video capture alongside dedicated 5MP stills capture.

The CM5 features a pistol grip style body and is complete with 5x optical zoom and a tilt and swivel 6.2cm LCD screen.

Alternately, the PM5 and PM5 both feature a 270∞ swivel lens, perfectly suited to self-portraits, while the PM5K ships with a 360 Video lens adaptor that enables shooting in complete panoramic mode.

All three models feature embedded PMB Portable software, which automatically launched upon plugging them into either Mac or PC , that enables easy uploading of clips to social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

The bloggie PM5, PM5K and CM5 are all due next month, however there is no news on pricing as yet.

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