last of the summer

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  1. #1 Tillerykid
    Re: last of the summer
    Clever, colour and B&W, how is that done please. ATB TK
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: last of the summer
    What bad back! I see you have been practicing, great image, and nice to see you back....Mike
  3. #3 graham_c
    Re: last of the summer
    Thanks for your comments TK. I used a Photoshop plug in for this, Onone perfect black and white. IMHO it's the best B&W editing program on the market, you can use it as a plugin or stanalone program.What I did was made a B&W conversion then using the selective colour brush just painted in the colour, to finish it of I ran a vignette. This was all done using Onone's software, the whole thing took about 2 mins.You can also do it in CS3, load your photo make a duplicate layer convert it to B&W ( i tend to use gradient map in photo shop it comes with it's own layer mask) then get a brush set the foreground colour to black and paint in the colour on the layer mask just add a vignette if required. any problems just send me a email or put a post up... Graham
  4. #4 graham_c
    Re: last of the summer
    Thanks Mike nice to hear from you, hope you are all well... Graham