Eazy Ridin'

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by Philb
‹‹Broken   Midnight Raid  Eazy Ridin'  Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife.

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Getting ready to go racing early 70's Digital conversion from 35mm B & W

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: Eazy Ridin'
    There was some brass about in those days, all i managed was a jaguar powered riley towed by a Wolsley 1.5 we could only race where there was no big hills on the journey.
  2. #2 Philb
    Re: Eazy Ridin'
    Perhaps you should have towed with the Jaguar and raced the Wolseley. If you remember, at the time of petrol rationing, you could buy an Aston Martin V8 for 1000-00, Corvettes, Jaguars anything with a big engine, you couldn't give them away. If we only knew then...........we could be millionaires.................I had a '65 Mustang cost me 400-00. The price of a second hand Cortina.
  3. #3 hartley353
    Re: Eazy Ridin'
    I was very lucky in those days, one of my best mates father had a breakers yard, he would never take any money, he used to say just fetch it back when you've finished with it. The wolsley was my mates daily drive he was the only one with a towbar.
  4. #4 plw1053
    Re: Eazy Ridin'
    ..great shot...