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Taken on 9/12/2009 at local Zoo in Evansville, Indiana

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  1. #1 R0B
    Re: Jaguar
    Gorgeous creatures!

    For some reason, and I can't put my finger on why, it looks 'artificial,' if you get what I mean, the edge of jaguar looks too smooth, it's as if it's been selected in photoshop, inverted, and the background's been blurred out. It looks the most distinctive around its nose and mouth...
    Another giveaway is around the red leaf in the bottom right hand third, how the blades of grass seem to end right where the leaf does.
    There's also no graduation in focus from foreground to background.
    Another thing, which is me being VERY pixel peepy - is that if you look at the leaf next to his leg at the far right of the picture and follow its line, there is a feint line, which looks like you've blurred something from the foreground, that line shouldn't be there, it should flow... (it's hard to explain, so I threw it up in paint and put a ring around it... )

    Or maybe it's just my eyes?
    Lol, anyway nice pic
  2. #2 CC4337
    Re: Jaguar
    ROB - Your eyes are not deceiving you! This is not a fake photo, but I did blur out the background in Photoshop CS3 to eliminate the nasty fencing which Zoo's typically put in place to protect the visitors. Thanks for your comments and enjoying the Jag!