End Of The Road

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‹‹Roadside View From Clee Hills   Ricoh Gx200  End Of The Road  Dandelion Bw

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Photos taken with my Ricoh GX200

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  1. #1 acefisherwomen
    Re: End Of The Road
    What a superb photograph!!!!!
  2. #2 MysticalLobster
    Re: End Of The Road
    A nice shot but I cannot help feeling that that work done on the sky is a little harsh. The contrast is a little too hard and it draws the eye from the rest of the scene, rather than adding to it. Is this the actual sky from the shot or is it pasted from another image to improve the scene?

    Definitely some good atmosphere here but I think 'less is more' might be appropriate too.

    I'm no expert though, so I hope that's constructive rather than sounding elitest!