Woolly Jumper

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‹‹Mallard Chick Chasing Flies   Mute Swan And Cygnets At Pagham Harbour  Woolly Jumper  Whitlingham Swans

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  1. #1 imogenmary
    Re: Woolly Jumper
    Lovely picture! This is such a clever shot, I'm in awe of your talents!
  2. #2 woodlark
    Re: Woolly Jumper
    Thanks for your kind comment.

  3. #3 llanelli
    Re: Woolly Jumper
    This is such a lovely innocent photo and to me reminds me why I am a vegetarian. Keep up the good work capturing that special photo that will make us all smile and say ah!
  4. #4 BenEvansPhotography
    Re: Woolly Jumper
    This must have been a difficult shot to take; good job!