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‹‹Blessed   Spanish Fly  Cow  Long View

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Image by Phil Marsh, Railway magazine

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  1. #1 bobneish
    Re: Cow
    Fantastic shot - well done
  2. #2 pchelper
    Re: Cow
    Superb Shot - the source of the hole in the ozone layer finally discovered!
  3. #3 Cycle
    Re: Cow
    Great composition : )
  4. #4 avmartin30
    Re: Cow
    thats how to let off
  5. #5 caedle56
    Re: Cow
    If thats what eating green stuff does for you then I don't think I'll risk it!
  6. #6 geggy
    Re: Cow
    you've just got to look!
  7. #7 yrammy
    Re: Cow
  8. #8 haxel
    Re: Cow
    Great line up of the shot. Very funny!