The Eyes Have It

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by kitman
‹‹Untouched   Lonely  The Eyes Have It  Basilica Di Santa Maria Del Fiore

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  1. #1 dom bower
    Re: The Eyes Have It
    not too sure if i am a fan of the photoshopping you have done to the eyes, in the small thumbnail it looks like here eyes are rolling in the back of her head.
  2. #2 kitman
    Re: The Eyes Have It
    Hi Don . Thanks for the constructive critique . Take alook at the image in the larger size . Tastes vary and not all snappers rarely take portraits exactly the same . What a boring world that would be . I'm from a 35mm background and all my work is taken on the assumption that the subject is catered for and is happy with the results . On that occasion the only thing rolling around her head was her ego .
    Keep up the good work , keep snappin'