The Rose.

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‹‹Sunbeam lights a Swan.   Border Explorer.  The Rose.  Borders on the Beach.

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Experimenting at using the 70-200 sigma as a Macro lens. with the camera set at ISO 3200

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  1. #1 graham_c
    Re: The Rose.
    Nice shot Mike. Have you thought about a close up filter for the lens?
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: The Rose.
    Thank you Graham. Couple of years back I bought a book on Macro photography by Ross Hoddinott, whilst browsing the many images I noted he had used 300 to 400 lenses for many of his shots then cropped them down, also that he used high ISO settings. The rose was shot as the sun was going down. There are now three dedicated macro lenses in my cupboard, so all I wanted was another string to my bow whilst not carrying them......Regards Mike.
  3. #3 tommy t
    Re: The Rose.
    Nice one Mike, great colours..Regards tommyt.