Le de Tour France

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: Le de Tour France
    Nice images Paul, still undecided as to wether to go up near Hawes and see if I can get some action shots, the route passes through some nice country side but all with limited parking.....Mike.
  2. #2 Paul011
    Re: Le de Tour France
    Thanks Mike! I'm sorry to tell you that it would be very difficult to get to Hawes as they are closing the roads on the route of the tour from early morning. I'm going into Leeds tomorrow to get some more shots.
  3. #3 hartley353
    Re: Le de Tour France
    Having stayed at the Stonehouse a few times, I asked if they had room, of course they didn't , but were kind enough to say I may use their carpark and walk across the fields. Not wishing to ask if I might sleep in my car I should give it a miss then, and look at my map again for a spot I might be able to use a tele lens from. Good luck with Leeds I expect the route to be six deep and the riders in a tight pack up to harwood.....Regards Mike.
  4. #4 hartley353
    Re: Le de Tour France
    Further to last post I watched it on the telly, a great show. Had I gone it would have been difficult to take images due to volume of spectators....Mike.
  5. #5 Paul011
    Re: Le de Tour France
    You are right Mike about the difficulty taking the images. It was difficult at Leeds, even though I was at the front. But the position was not good. Could not see the riders until the last minute.
  6. #6 hartley353
    Re: Le de Tour France
    I wanted to be on Buttertubs were the cyclists would be travelling slower, but from the tv there was barely room for the riders. Then folks diving out phone in hand to grab shots, or running out to cheer them on, would have spoilt most composed shots. Thinking I might try the lanes of Cheshire plenty of cyclists out there and they all dress the same. No one would know they aren't genuine Tour de France.....Mike.