One Step Beyond

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by Alfoto
‹‹Ravenscar Cliffs.   Nature’s Bliss, Storm Shattering Smiles and a Plaid Picnic Blanket with a View  One Step Beyond  Light comes creeping

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Description by Alfoto


A stye at a lake I can't even spell let alone pronounce, but it's near Beddgellert North Wales

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  1. #1 hartley353
    Re: One Step Beyond
    Nice capture Alf is there a boathouse on this lake, again You have triggered a memory.... Kind regards Mike... PS Did you mean style, it is certainly not an eyesore.
  2. #2 Alfoto
    Re: One Step Beyond
    Many Thanks Mike! ...........Yes you are right there is a boat house just as you enter near the dam wall, and you were also right I did mean "Style" I always get those words mixed up.
  3. #3 hartley353
    Re: One Step Beyond
    Now I have done it should be stile lol.......Mike.
  4. #4 Alfoto
    Re: One Step Beyond
    Ha ha.....Thats the English language has so many anomalies it's a wonder any of us can communicate at all : - )
  5. #5 kenwil
    Re: One Step Beyond
    super subject with great atmosphere. all the best kenwil
  6. #6 Alfoto
    Re: One Step Beyond
    Many Thanks Kenwil ...The mist is a great help on bright sunny mornings : - )