Dead Mans Chest

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Wreck on Ainsdale Beach

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  1. #1 Tillerykid
    Re: Dead Mans Chest
    Lovely shot Alf, I think it looks good on both sites, love the texture in the sand. ATB TK Nice to see you back and I'll give it 5 stars.
  2. #2 hartley353
    Re: Dead Mans Chest
    Another good take Alf, we take the dogs there some times, on the stretch that allows them, I will have to try getting low all my shots end up with big skies or miles of sand, though a few in the sand dunes came out well...Regards Mike.
  3. #3 Alfoto
    Re: Dead Mans Chest
    GARY..........Many Thanks for positive feedback, much appreciated! I don't normally use F22 but as the camera was almost level with the sand it was necessary to make everything look in focus. .............Best Regards .......Alf
  4. #4 Alfoto
    Re: Dead Mans Chest
    MIKE ........It's a lovely place for a walk, as you know there are miles and miles of sand and dunes, probably about 45 mins away from where I live on the Wirral. Of course it's not getting down low in the sand thats the problem's getting back up again : - ) .........Many Thanks I appreciate your feedbaack!..........Alf