Boris the spider

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‹‹Alan   Leeds Uni Rose Bowl Abstract  Boris the spider  Legion

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  1. #1 bigfella
    Re: Boris the spider
    Excuse my inexperience and I hope this is not a cheeky question but Can I ask what you use to get the BW and colour in the same shots? Is it a grad filter or something...or is it photo shop magic ? I am intrigued..
  2. #2 graham_c
    Re: Boris the spider
    HiOf coarse I don't mind you asking, will be glad to tell you. I use onone perfect black and white. It's a very simple process if you get the program I would be happy to show you how to do it... Graham
  3. #3 graham_c
    Re: Boris the spider
    [url] This is the software I use. I got it direct from onone not this site